Why I designed yet another COVID’19 stats tracker App?

Shubham Bhatt
3 min readApr 6, 2020


[Update]: This got developed: Check Here


Since, everybody is inside home and it’s so great to see people creating products and like any other thing COVID’19 tracker apps were one of the favourites for makers to make.

So, why I also designed yet another COVID ’19 tracker app?

Couple of reasons for that:

First one being, It is because right now this lockdown is perfect time for people to build new habits and put together some work and show it to the world.

In my friend circle only, people are building chrome extensions, creating content, and learning some new skills.

And that being said, in order to get started, this COVID’19 tracker apps are one of the easiest things to make for now.

Open source API’s are available, plethora of resources are available for free and what else do you require to get started.

But, you know, for some people beginning is often the hardest part.

And hence, an open design for anyone to develop it and add something to their portfolio as live project. [Recommended for anyone who has picked up app development recently]

Another reason was to satisfy my own craving of designing something around this.

The initial few days were kinda hectic for me otherwise that would have been a perfect time to create something like this but better late than never.

Hope, the above argument would have made sense.

Moving on to the designs, here you can have a look on what I have made.

If you are a fan of Images, you can see it here:

Main Point (For Devs)

Coming to the main part of this.

So, if you are a developer who is learning some new app development skills and wanna give it a try, let me know if you need the assets and files for this.

Will be happy to share it with you.

Also, I am sharing some important resources which can help you in building this app if you want to take it forward from here and add a live project to your showcase.

Resources (For Devs)

For illustrations and everything else, connect with me and I’ll send you the files.

Learnings while designing this project.

  • Practice is the variable that makes you better in your craft.
  • Closure to things is absolutely necessary. Finish what you have started.

Thank you for reading till here. Let me know if you have any kind of feedback/suggestions/design criticism, I am all ears.

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