Case Study — Live Streaming Design Challenge UISources

Shubham Bhatt
5 min readMay 2, 2020

Unlike other design challenges, this one was pretty unique.

To solve the problem, you had to find the problem first 😂

I even made a YouTube video regarding this, check it out 👇

UISources Design Challenge Video Documentation

The challenge was this 👇


So, it all started with getting my head around the design challenge.

As they say that spend more time in the problem space rather then the solution space. I wanted to do exactly that.

The P.S was kinda open ended and hence, I was not getting the starting point and then I thought to crowdsource the idea and kickstart the journey.

For that I floated a Google Form around livestreaming and how people use it.

Since, I didn’t had anything in particular so the form was kind of vague and didn’t helped me much.

Link to the form here.

The responses were kind interesting though.

But this didn’t gave me any idea.

Note -> Also, I want to establish one fact about a BIAS that I had in my mind ever since I had read the design challenge. And that was about doing something around the “Fitness Livestreaming.”

Couple of ideas that I listed out:

You see the point number 2, here is where I fell for it 💡.

At the same time, I discussed the following idea with a friend of mine who is a fitness professional.

And I decided to give it a shot and explore this in depth. Started jotting down whatever was coming to my head.

Even made flows here itself. (The bias was leading me, probably)

One other reason why I had such a strong bias towards this idea was that every since this COVID’19 thing happened I have started working out together with my friends over video calls.

And since, I have never been into fitness and thing, my forms/postures are not upto the mark. & my friend had to correct it every single time.

Here is us doing workout over video calls

That’s where it stuck me.

Next up,

Analysis of existing apps. The apps that I could find were peloton & cult which were doing the livestreams.

& to my surprise, none of them were touchbasing this issue.

Me attempting a dance class on livestreams

I also wanted to validate whether this is a good idea or not, so posted the same query on the group as well.

With the discussion, I drew the conclusion that it’s a valid use case but the real deal lies in the execution.

Then I used IDF’s POV template to create a POV for me and then converted that to “How might we’s”

How Might We

  • How might we make people do exercise with correct form?
  • How might we enable fitness professionals to help their clients perform exercises with correct forms & postures.

Competitive Analysis

I did another round of analayis, attended a couple of livestreams.

Ideation & the solution

Next up was coming up with an IA for the app which helps people to do exercises with correct form & posture.

The Key solution to this problem is having a AI enabled voice assistant which in this case is named as “Fitly posture assistant” which with the help of AI & computer vision prompts you whenever you perform an exercise in incorrect posture.


Next up was coming up with wireframes.


Here is the Figma file.


  • Doing shallow research on the topic. I think I should have devoted dedicated time to do a compelling research on the problem statement I picked.
  • BIAS towards one particular idea. This kind of restricted the exploration of ideas that could have emerged if I would not have the bias led me.
  • The itch to jump straight into designing. It used to come every now and then.

The Good Part

  • Picked up after effects for the very first time and did my job. That’s an interesting space that I would love to explore more.
  • It served as a wonderful opportunity where I gauged myself on how I respond to any problem statement being thrown at me apart from my regular job.
    What all biases I have, what all things can be restricted and stuff.
  • Was able to give closure to the exercise. At one point in time, I thought of giving up on this challenge but somehow finished it.

Yeah, that’s all.

Here is a link to the video which I made for the design challenge. Do check it out.


The images are from the following sources:

Pixabay, Unsplash, Freepik

The video I have taken from: XFitDaily

Huge shoutout to UISources community.